Horizon Institute Fall Basketball League

Horizon Institute is proud to be the first and only organization to offer a Fall League for our high school boys varsity teams in Loudoun County. The League will run from September 9 through October 23rd and will feature some of the best talent in the County.

All League games will be played at the Dulles Sportsplex located at 21610 Atlantic Blvd in Sterling, VA.

To look at some of the action of the League games, click the bottom of this page. More action is coming!

Participating Schools

Heritage High School

Loudoun Valley High School

Potomac Falls High School

John Champe High School

Woodgrove High School

The game schedule is as follows:

Monday , September 16                                                                                        Monday, September 23                         

7pm – Potomac Falls vs. Stone Bridge                                                               5pm – Herndon vs. Park View

8pm – Loud. Valley vs. Briar Woods                                                                   6pm – Broad Run vs. Tuscarora

Monday, September 17                                                                                          Thursday, September 20

5pm – Broad Run vs. Potomac Falls                                                                    5pm – Tuscarora vs. Briar Woods

6pm – Herndon vs. Stone Bridge                                                                           6pm – Park View vs. Loudoun Valley

Monday, September 24                                                                                          Thursday, September 27

5pm – Herndon vs. Potomac Falls                                                                         5pm – Briar Woods vs. Park View

6pm – Stone Bridge vs. Tuscarora                                                                         6pm – Loudoun Valley vs. Broad Run

Monday, October 1                                                                                                     Thursday, October 4

5pm – Park View vs. Broad Run                                                                                  5pm – Herndon vs. Briar Woods

6pm – Tuscarora vs. Potomac Falls                                                                           6pm – Stone Bridge vs. Loud. Valley

 Monday, October 8                                                                                                    Thursday, October 11

5pm – Herndon vs. Broad Run                                                                                     5pm – Briar Woods vs. Stone Bridge

6pm – Loudoun Valley vs. Tuscarora                                                                       6pm – Park View vs. Potomac Falls

Monday, October 15                                                                                                    Thursday, October 18

5pm – Tuscarora vs. Herndon                                                                                      5pm – Park View vs. Stone Bridge

6pm – Potomac Falls vs. Loud. Valley                                                                      6pm – Broad Run vs. Briar Woods

Monday, October 22                                                                                                   Thursday, October 25

5pm – Stone Bridge vs. Broad Run                                                                               5pm – Potomac Falls vs. Briar Woods

6pm – Loudoun Valley vs. Herndon                                                                            6pm – Park View vs. Tuscarora

Wednesday, October 31                                                                                              Thursday, November 1

5:00 –   Briar Woods vs. Broad Run                                                             5:00 –   Potomac Falls vs. Tuscarora   /   6:00 Park View vs. Stone Bridge

Current Standings

Standings as of October 28th –                                                                                           Standings          Seedings
Herndon 7-0    -         1
Loudoun Valley 6-1    -         2
Briar Woods 4-3    -         3
Broad Run 4-3    -         4
Potomac Falls 3-4    -         5
Tuscarora 2-5    -         6
Stone Bridge 2-5    -         7
Park View 0-7    -         8

Note: Standings will be updated each week. Be sure to check back for the results.