Horizon Institute Summer League

The Horizon Institute Summer League has been a very positive and rewarding experience for all players in our community. Here are some photos of the Summer League!

hgc-2_081 hgc-2_102 hgc-2_112 hgc-0504_001 hgc-0523_003 hgc-0540_004 hgc-0563_006   hgc-0623_021 hgc-0653_029 hgc-0682_046

Of course there are a lot more to be added but these are just a few of the summer samples.

We will continue to add more photos as the summer rolls along. The players are having a great time learning the game as it is meant to be!

Our schedule will be posted to this page soon.

League Picture Week

League Picture Week will be held between Jul 18-20.