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Horizon Institute Fall Basketball League

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Our programs provide a service that everyone in our community can afford. Our goal is for all students to work hard and feel good about themselves in a safe, disciplined, highly structured and motivated environment of learning and fun.
We place the student’s personal development ahead of just “winning the game”. We have found that consistent positive encouragement and measured improvement in the fundamental skills are trademarks of cultivating leadership on and off the court. As players learn to work together in a team setting, they develop an awareness that leads them to a better path of engagement with their peers and parents alike.   

Taking your child into deep water at the pool without learning to swim first most likely results in failure.

The same is true in basketball – signing up for a league or AAU without the proper technique or practice of those techniques quite often results in failure as well. We help to prepare a player to go out and play successfully!


The Horizon Institute Teaching Philosophy

Phase Modulated Learning

All of our classes, mini-camps and clinics offer a solid foundation of fundamental skill development for beginning players and a strong challenge for intermediate to advanced players. Our Phase Modulated approach of teaching is embedded with a different philosophy, which celebrates effort as much as achievement and focuses on personal development, learning and improving. Our progression takes players and groups them by age, sex and ability.

What are the benefits of our training?

  • Learn Goal Setting                          
  • Fundamentals of the game
  • Defensive Footwork
  • Discipline
  • Development of a Strong Work Ethic
  • Positive Attitude
  • Team Attitude
  • Respect for Parents
  • Shooting Skills
  • Increase in Listening Skills

Throughout the years, “others” have attempted to duplicate our services. DON’T BE MISLED! Horizon Institute is the premier basketball training and development company in the Greater Washington Region. We have been imitated but never duplicated.

We are safe, secure, fun!

Join Us “On The Horizon!”