Girls National Team

The Horizon SanStorm™ National Team was created with a need to develop and raise the basketball “IQ” of the student athlete who desires to play high school basketball. It is also used as a viable resource that will enable a student athlete to take advantage of being recruited to play for college. If you are interested in trying out for the National Team, contact us for dates and schedule.

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What is “basketball IQ”?

Basketball “IQ” is the baseline that is required to learn the game at its most fundamental level. If you can raise the level of learning, you will surely have a better well-rounded basketball player.

The benefits of playing on the National Team is to join a small group that will travel to various venues and play in front of college coaches. This team will have no more than 12 girls and is the perfect compliment when it comes to one-on-one training and development.

“Let’s talk about training”    

A lot of training programs take athletes into the gym and give them drills to improve their game. At Horizon we go further. There are over one thousand drills you can give someone, but what we’ve learned is no matter how many drills are covered, it still doesn’t translate into a better basketball player; it doesn’t optimize their game.

No matter how specialized or intricate the drills are, there’s still no replacing the value of a fundamentally complete basketball player. The real optimization comes in the form of knowledge. Knowledge of the game at various levels. Knowledge of how to communicate with the athlete to get them to the desired level they seek, and knowledge of how to get them to play at a level of consistency. A player can have all the athletic ability in the world, but if they cannot execute the skills needed to run the Coach’s offense, then how valuable is that player? All players want to become better, but players also have a tendency to develop poor habits and try to hide their weaknesses. A lot of players want to depend on the Coach at the school to show them what needs to be done. Unfortunately, there is not enough time in the day to teach everything the Coach would like to impart, especially during the season. That’s one of the toughest aspects about coaching.

At Horizon Institute, we support the high school Coaches by taking the athlete through a uniquely designed phase modulated approach of the game. We teach players how to play the game the right way. Our regiment is progressive and structured and these phases consist of conditioning the body, understanding the game through intuitive simulation, and playing against real competition to enhance the mental and physical awareness needed to grow at the desired levels. Our phase-modulated process encourages growth and confidence in every athlete that comes into our program. Horizon lays out the tools and fundamentals in a way that will make the player faster, stronger and more confident. This benefits the high school coach because it provides them more time to focus on strategy for the upcoming season.

So, if you’re a high school coach who would like for us to come in and assist, please contact us. We’ll be happy to speak with you regarding more of how the Horizon program will benefit your team and school.

Better athletes make stronger teams

Horizon Institute will create a blueprint for your success, and players need this blueprint not only for motivation, but also for successful transition into a truly competitive environment.  Register Here

Our athletes not only win in the game, they win in the classroom. Here are some of the athletes that have trained with us:

Alexis Campbell: Sacred Heart    

Taylor Warner: Mary Washington

Marty Dawson: Shenendoah

Chantee Hallett: CW Post

Meixandra Porter: Colorado State

Karita Brown: Manhattan College   

Nakeisha Carter: Bennett College

Jordan Smith: Bennett College   

Jasmine McIntosh- East Tennessee State

Necole Sterling: Indiana University  

Horizon Institute Past National Teams    
Through the past several years, our National Girls Teams have produced some of the finest ballpayers in the area. Horizon Institute is proud of their accomplishments and college coaches around the country look forward to seeing our girls in action year after year.
We forward to our Spring/Summer out of season college exposure and development program. If you are interested in joining us, now is the time to sign up for the tryouts. Register here for the tryouts! You can become a part of something SPECIAL!

A Word of Caution

Throughout the years, “others” have attempted to duplicate our services.


Horizon Institute is the premier basketball training and development company in the Greater Washington Region. We have been imitated but never duplicated! Listen and read some of our parent testimonials and find out for yourself.