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What do these people have in common?

Galileo Galilei

Physicist, mathematician, astronomer, philosopher, and musician who played a major role in the Scientific Revolution

Benjamin Franklin

Author, printer, satirist, political theorist, politician, scientist, inventor, civic activist, statesman, diplomat

Frederick Douglass

Abolitionist, editor, author, statesman, minister, reformer


(Multi Functional Artists)

WHO IS ANTON PERKINS? He is a Multi Functional Artist and

Executive Director of the Horizon Institute

Writer, Director, Musician, Athlete, Engineer

As a songwriter/producer, toured the US and Europe, played Carter Barron and Ft DuPont amphitheaters. Anton’s music is still being sold in Europe today and he has established a loyal following. He was featured in Billboard Magazine and was also published in Big and Tall Magazine.

Wrote/Produced/Acted/Directed plays

Won numerous awards for directing while at Howard University. He has acted with the late Joseph A. Walker (River Niger), William Marshall (veteran actor featured in Star Trek), and assistant directed at Arena Stage in Washington DC, where he had the privilege of assistant directing in the cast with veteran actor Kevin Tighe.

Kennedy Center Award Honoree, Anton Perkins received this prestigious award for Amoco’s Award of Excellence.

Anton Perkins (along with Al Johnson) wrote the corporate AT&T Phone Center jingle.

Anton Perkins briefly played basketball for Howard University, then went on tour as a singer/writer.

Anton has been serving in the Greater Washington Metropolitan Area coaching youth and high school basketball. He has provided student athletes with scholarship opportunities totaling over $500k. Parents and students alike are grateful for his tireless contributions.

As an Engineer, Anton Perkins has spoken at various forums in the field of Telecommunications. His speaking engagements have ranged from Career Day at the local middle school to the Professional stage dealing with other Engineering peers in the field.

“The Vision” as told to us by Anton Perkins:

Q: What is an MFA?

A: An MFA is a person who lives in different dimensions, literally. This definition is to simplify the jung archetype model based on not merely being a psychic entity, but more fundamentally, a bridge to creating energy.

Q: I don’t understand, please explain.

A: For the sake of clarity, let’s just state that every world you live in is considered a dimension. For example, if you are an athlete, you live in the world of athletes, where athletes go and hone their craft (the gym). Being in this world, you are exposed to various games of competition, and given vast amounts of instruction and various strategies of how to beat an opponent.

Q: Oh, I see. So how does this fit in with your vision?

A: Currently, my vision has been defining itself. In one of these dimensions, I told a pastor of my desire to give back to the world. I spoke to him of my multi dimensional talents and the problems that came along with wanting to share my gifts. He told me that he saw something I didn’t see. He said I radiated this light, this energy that could be felt and seen by all who came into my presence, but that light was somehow bottled up, as if under a shade. He told me to take the shade off the lamp, to just let my light shine. He said that once people see me for who I am and what I stood for, my light would comfort and energize their spirit and they would embrace it. I think that is what has been eating away at me, this burning desire to shout at the world that young people today could be MFA’s if they really chose to be.

Q: Are there a lot of MFA’s around today?

A: Thousands, literally. We need them. The world needs them now more than ever.

Look, Galileo was a physicist, mathematician, astronomer, and philosopher who played a major role in the Scientific Revolution.  Leonardo DaVinci was a painter, scientist, sculptor, architect, musician, engineer, and more. There are many more people who are like that today, but they are being held in a box, a box which limits their capacity and thirst for knowledge that is covered with the false perception that specialization is everything.

I once read that specialization is for insects. Man is too multi-dimensional to allow specialization to take over their lives. I believe by embracing our jung achetypes, it would assist us in changing the world and allow us to shape the next revolution:

The Golden Age of Humanity.